Tutoring Services

My name is Pyam Oveys, I am a senior at the University of Missouri studying Mathematics! I have been tutoring for four years now and have tons of experience with the math courses at Mizzou. Having taught each math course so many times I know which weeks are harder, which problems require more detail, what common quiz and exams questions are, and much more. While teaching I like to work examples in a step-by-step detailed mannor before helping students work through problems themselves, helping them learn by doing, rather than watching, like in a traditional classroom. All notes, problems, and examples are saved digitally for each student to go home with as a study reference. I am very flexible with session times, just send me an email and lets set a time!

Most Commonly Taught Courses:
Course: Math 1400 Math 1500 Math 1700 Math 2300
Common Name: Business Calculus Calculus I Calculus II Calculus III
Pyam Oveys

Head tutor, email me to learn more about me!